Sunday, September 9, 2012

What you will see in Columbus, OH

It's here, it's here, it's finally here! This is the big week: the Country Living Fair in Columbus!
bel monili has been deep in production, and this week we are packing up the Subaru and heading west...well, west of Pittsburgh, that is.
Upcycled vintage component necklaces, $25-$35 each
Look for the vintage jewelry box display, and there you'll find bel monili!
This event is the one I've been looking forward to all year. It's the brass ring in the merry-go-round of shows, the big kahuna of them all. For the Country Living Fair, I am thrilled to be pulling out all the stops and bringing the unique fruits of all of my artistic labors.
Enameled French number tags! Perfect to tie on little baskets for sorting, add to a miniature flower pot for an adorable place setting, or simply choose your favorite number and turn it into a necklace.

Hand-stamped vintage metal trays make just the right accessory to display your new bel monili baubles

Who doesn't need a little bit of magic?
For all of the lovely ladies (and gents!) who are shopping, I will be bringing affordable one of a kind items that you will only find here. Upcycled vintage necklaces, bracelets, and brooches sparkle and dance in my booth, ready to go home with a new love.
Flower pins and hairclips feature vintage button details
Full baskets of flower pins are eager to be sorted through and vintage miner's tag necklaces wait anxiously to be loved.
Earrings, the perfect little finishing touch

bel monili also specializes in bridal accessories; stop by and see what we can offer!

There's just so much to look at...and it's all one of a kind
You can find all of this (and SO much more) at the bel monili booth this weekend in Columbus, OH! bel monili is located at booth C-354; mark your maps and come see us for the early bird special! Happy travels!