Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Fun-day

Sunday afternoon is a special time for me. Being from Pittsburgh, I am (of course) a die-hard Steelers fan. For me, Sundays (ok, and sometimes Monday and Thursday evenings) are set aside for rest and relaxation. On this special day, I wake up early, head out to my favorite flea market, then come home to a fresh cup of coffee and a home-cooked breakfast. During football season, I craft while I am watching the game, thus making the most of a decidedly short weekend.

On a day like today, when it's in the high 60's, breezy, and slightly cloudy, I find myself dreaming of days when I'm at a weekend show, enjoying the sights and sounds. These are the kinds of days when I find myself torn: do I watch the game, or do I go to a show? Well, in the case of the Country Living Fairs, the decision is obvious. I have been SO excited for the Columbus show, and with September 14 almost 4 weeks away, I am getting ready for my "show season".

This will be my first year at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, and I am hoping that the lovely ladies who make this a weekend trip find bel monili to their liking. I've been working extra' a little preview of what I have created this weekend:

I am in LOVE with these miner's tag necklaces!

It seems that everyone loves bobby pins
So, friends, this is proof positive that I am working hard to get ready for the Country Living Fair, looking forward to an awesome weekend, and yes, trying to sneak in some shameless Steelers plugs. Hope to see you in Columbus!


  1. I wish I could go~I've always wanted to.
    I was looking at your jewelry on your other site and it's absolutely GORGEOUS!! I suspect my daughter might be getting married within the year, and I'll have to send her over to look.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! This is my first time...and I am SO excited and nervous. Thank you so much for the compliments; I'll send good engagement vibes your way, and then maybe I can offer something gorgeous for the day!